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Is diabetes curable?

Is Diabetes Curable?

Is diabetes curable?

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Is diabetes really curable? What your doctor didn’t tell you.

Diabetes  – A malfunction of Pancreas, an organ which secretes  “insulin” in the body. How it happens?  Why it happens?  Is there any cure? It starts from mere intake of small tablets and ends with insulin injections. This is so called the journey of a “Diabetic patient”. A diabetic person has high tendencies of suffering from skin disease, erectile dysfunction, low memory, weak muscles, indigestion, kidney & heart problem etc. “So diabetes is not just one health problem but a basket of many as mentioned above” says Dr Ravi Sakhuja. The fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and the adulteration in food have caused the organs to malfunction in our body. The conventional system of treatment mostly works on symptoms. The medicine available in the market basically covers up the shortage of insulin. As the Pancreas is deteriorating, the production of insulin also drops thus creating a demand for higher doses of medicine and ultimately leads to external injection of insulin. Why it becomes chronic is due to the way in which diabetes is treated. If the organ producing it can be made stronger then the production also would increase. Discovery of rare fruits, herbs and the Ayurvedic formulations made from them has proved that cells of the damaged organs can be repaired and thus the problem reversed.

“The new Holistic healing which is derived from Ayurveda & Nutrition can be a game changer. We have the ability to heal the body.” says Dr Ravi. Nature has intended us to follow the rules designed by it. When we deviate from them, it creates imbalance in Vat, Pitt & Kapha. To top it up the dietary habits that we live by adds up to the imbalance resulting in greater damage.  “Research in the higher reaches of Himalayas has led us to the powerful fruits like “Seabuckthorn”. It grows in the extreme temperatures in the wild. This miracle berry contains more than 190 bio active elements. It is rich in anti-oxidants and thus is a powerful anti-ageing fruit. It has anti-inflammatory, detoxification & cell regeneration properties.  DRDO, Ministry of Defence has also explored this “Sanjeevani” fruit to develop a sustainable and non perishable eatable for soldiers posted in remote and dangerous areas like Siachen” says he. The concern is not just treating diabetes or other problems, but source of these problems. . We recommend a combo of health supplements, correct diet as per Ayurveda and application of pressure points to recover the diabetic problem.

The level of pesticides & insecticides contents used during agriculture plus the malpractice of using chemicals to ripe has altered the physiology & biochemistry of plants and its produce. On top of this the level of adulteration happening in the market simply adds up to the problem. To fight these causes and its effect, we need something very powerful. If we get the right amount of ingredients like these and maintain a correct lifestyle, then the problems like diabetes can be recovered on a fast scale

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