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Heal your body and live a better life.

In this seminar you will learn:

  1. – Why health is important to live a successful life?
  2. – How to do natural healing therapies during work or at home to get rid of anxiety, tiredness and stress?
  3. – How to increase your performance & efficiency and act smarter?
  4. – Break the psychological barriers to think positive and act smarter to achieve your goals successfully.
  5. – What exactly is diabetes?
  6. – The Diseases, a Diabetic Person attracts before and after being diabetic.
  7. – The myth about diabetes, Is it really Incurable?
  8. – Types of diabetes and how it can be healed naturally
  9. – The right food to stay healthy.
  10. – Does nutrition play a role in health?
  11. – Will also get the health guide booklet specially created on the health of women and men, which has life changing instructions and therapies, it will transform your life into happiness.

India is the diabetic capital of the world. Around 10 crore people are diabetic and it is increasing fast. We need to take action TODAY before its too late.

“If you don’t take time for your health TODAY, then you will have to take timeout for your illness TOMORROW.”

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15 March 2020 10:00AM

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“Diabetes Free Society” is a Free seminar conducted by Better Gyan Academy to create awareness about health.  We intend to help people make our society free from diabetes and other diseases which occurs before and after diabetes like blood pressure, hearth problems, anxiety, obesity & other chronic diseases. In this seminar, we will break the myth that “Diabetes cannot be healed”. You will know the reason why people suffer from diabetes and how it can be healed through natural process. It will be very informative for people who are already diabetic. They will learn about complexities that can arise from diabetes and how it can be prevented and resolved.  You will learn a simple and effective process to control diabetes and eventually stop using insulin injections. You will also learn about the natural process of healing mentioned in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Here you will learn the naturopathy art, concepts of psychology & its role in your health which will impact your life style.

Dr. Ravi Sakhuja will guide you through that how can you do natural therapies during work or at home to heal your day to day problems and increase your work efficiency and performance. You will also learn an art of shaping your mind to keep your body healthy. Your mind is the master of your body which controls every organ your body has. This seminar is packed with powerful activity techniques which will give you a new life, a new vision towards a happy and successful life.

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Diabetes is a disease not just of the body but of the mind also. In this seminar we will try to erase the biggest lie in the world that “Diabetes cannot be healed”. As per ayurveda Food is medicine. So if we have the right food and habits, we do not require medicine. Nature is abundant with life altering rare and miracle fruits and herbs. This coupled with holistic healing and alternative form of treatment results in life changing output.

We are living in this world of constant change and new health challenges. In the name of development and science we have become away from the roots. New diseases and problems are arising. Most of the people are suffering from some health issue.

The health status in India is very poor. As per Ministry of Health, India is the diabetic capital in the world. It leads to many other complexities. 10% people have heart problem 50% children are malnourished.

It is a big challenge to create awareness in the society and guide them on the correct path. We are committed to help everyone heal their body naturally.