Dr Ravi Sakhuja - MD Alternative Medicine, A Life Transformation Coach

Dr Ravi Sakhuja

Dr. Ravi Sakhuja, a life transformation coach and Alternative Medicine practitioner

Dr Ravi Sakhuja

MD - Alternate Medicine

A life transformation coach, Alternate medicine practitioner, and founder of Vedic Herbal Concept.
Dr. Ravi Sakhuja is a life transformation coach, alternate medicine practitioner, and founder of Vedic Herbal Concept. He is the member of World Society of Alternate Medicine & Ayurvedic Manufactures Association, Faridabad. He has helped thousands of people to recover from severe health conditions in last 20 years. He travels across India delivering lectures and conducting seminars on “Disease free body“.
Dr Ravi Sakhuja is a founder/partner in 3 companies in various industries, ranging from manufacturing health products  to Direct Selling and organic cultivation.
Helping People
He has been helping people of all age groups suffering from prolonged illness and other chronic diseases like diabetes with alternate medicine system since last 20 years. His work has touched the lives of thousands of people across many states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, etc. His vision is to make alternate medicine therapies a part of daily life and help people recover from illness without the use of medicine.

Dr. Ravi Sakhuja on eating & drinking best methods.