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About Us

Better Gyan Academy is a “Success School“. It is a platform where you get an extensive understanding and knowledge of strategies and principles required to become really successful. All of us dream to become big in life but unfortunately, we are never taught about money, success, and dreams in our education system. We (BetterGyan Academy) guide people to learn the art of living the best life with self-esteem.

Most of the people are struggling in life with their financials, health, self-esteem, self-confidence, relations & career. Everyone works very hard but do not seem to be going anywhere as desired and unfortunately submit to their situation and compromise as being fate. But if we study the life of rich and successful people, we notice that they also had similar or worse situation but made it big in life. In spite of this they did something different which made the difference. It is proven that efforts on right things, which include knowledge, action, habits and beliefs , result in successful outputs.

We at BETTER GYAN bring top class trainers, authors of best sellers & coaches to share the secrets to MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE in a vast array of topics. BETTER GYAN facilitates seminars and corporate training programs in India to boost your self-esteem & self-confidence that enlighten everyone to become something MORE than average.

Watch your life transform as these trainers unravel the mystery to tap the LIMITLESS POTENTIAL buried inside you.

We believe our greatest asset is our people and we invest time and energy in nurturing them. We place no limits on how far they can grow. We believe our country can truly become great & rich when the people become educated and rich. This can only be achieved when we support each other and uplift the whole society.

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The Man behind the vision



Shakir Hussain

Personal Mastery Coach | Trainer | Enterpreneur

Shakir Hussain is an Electronics & Communication Engineer and PgD in Embedded systems & VLSI design. He is an Employee turned enterpreneur. An enterpreneur at heart, he always believed in exploring and doing out of the trend. He always had immense interest in health & education sector. His passion for moving out of the average life to something extra ordinary made him passionate about learning and teaching. His thirst to make it BIG has helped him learn and try different strategies. From his experience he has crafted a knowledge base that is practical, logical and one that gives results. As its said “People buy Results only”.

He has been involved with training industry since last 9 years. Every promotion, sales event and convention at Better Gyan has had Shakir’s oversight, and signature “feel” behind them. It is a special feeling for people, and an innate belief that everyone can succeed, that has helped him become the architect of Better Gyan’s welcoming culture. His connection with leaders in the field, has cemented his reputation as a caring and understanding person, as well as a wise and welcome tutor. It tells you a great deal about someone when some of their highest values are honesty and loyalty. Shakir’s life outside training centers around his family and friends. He likes Adventure sports, traveling and reading. He believes in Better Gyan’s mission, it’s inherent goodness, and he believes in you.